2m laser

afdfg | 20 February, 2019 00:51

Laser pointer is a device that used for semiconductor laser pointer cat which is often used in presentations and conferences. In many cases it is dry battery type, it has the merit of being light and easy to carry. It is possible to point the figure or video by the action at hand, and it is possible to shine a point from a dark place or a long distance.
Laser pointers can show up to 150 meters up to 300 meters, while pointers can only show up to 2 meters ahead. Since you do not have to touch the figure directly, it is also a feature that you can use it in dangerous places by touching with your fingers.
Many customers have the same concern. "Is this laser sufficiently bright? This is a subjective question, but the green laser looks darker than the other lasers, it is the best selling type of 10000 mW blue laser.The simple answer as to why the green laser is bright is , The human eye is most sensitive to this wavelength, specifically 555 nm in the daytime and 507 nm in the darkness.You can hear that 'is this so bright?' I can do it. If the wavelengths are the same, the answer is yes, but if the wavelengths are different, the answer is no.

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